Angry Birds Space Game

If you did not know, you can play angry birds space now exclusively on this site. Experience a new dimension towards the mobile. On a large screen in front of the computer, it is a pleasure to play angry birds games free in HD format.

The story begin with a robot down and catch the eggs of these birds. Angry, they jump into space along with alien bird. There will be a total transformation of these birds, each will have a new look. This is the beginning of a new adventure in space for egg recovery.

Using gravity you can drag around planets in space to eliminate the pigs. The task is difficult, but very fun and enjoyable to play. Try to have as few failed attempts.

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  • Angry Birds Space

    Angry Birds Space

    Be in step with the latest Angry Birds online games. A new adventure in space waiting you to conquer new planets and save the eggs of these birds. Gonna love playing this game on a big screen. Here you will find exclusive games you are looking for so long. Use gravity to destroy pigs fortification.

  • Angry Birds Rio

    Angry Birds Rio

    Your mission in this game is to rescue all the birds that are caught in the Rio city. The cages are hard to crack, Angry Birds will come to their help. Use striking building strategy to release as many birds. This game contains many levels that you would like to finish.

  • Angry Birds Online

    Angry Birds Online

    It is the first game that shook the world. With a good story and a well-defined gameplay manages to impress young audience but also the elderly. What you need to do is to catapult birds to pigs fortifications to release other birds and recover stolen eggs. Accept the challenge and try to get into their world.

  • Angry Birds Piggies

    Bad Piggies HD

    Bad pigs return in an exciting adventure game. This time they don't fight with anyone. They have a more important mission to accomplish. Stole the eggs from Angry Birds and have to run as far. Need to build their own car to collect objects in their way. You have all the necessary components to create a...

  • Angry Birds Twins

    Angry Birds Twins

    Click on each bird to connect it with its twin. Birds should be close or to have a free hand towards each other so that you can join. Try to eliminate all the birds in a short time. You can not connect more than two birds at a time. Inside the game you will find clear instructions on how to play.

  • red bird boxes

    Red Birds Boxes

    Arrange them with the mouse in the same order in which they came out.It is a game that will put your mind in motion. You learn to memorize, and be agile in each movement.Use your mouse to pull every bird in place. Each wrong move leads to losing the game.

  • angry birds piggies escape

    Angry Birds Piggies Escape

    The first levels are easy. The difficulty of the game will increasingly higher, be careful about the things you cling, might to break or disappear. You have five attempts available to go to another level. Use them with caution, and enjoy this wonderful game...

  • angry birds space typing

    Angry Birds Space Typing

    Learn to type as fast with this game. Remove all the birds on screen by typing letters. Every bird is attached to one letter, press the corresponding key to remove it and earn points. Must earn a certain number of points to progress to the next level.

  • angry birds space wormhole

    Angry Birds Space Wormhole

    All birds of angry birds space gathered together to fight against the wormhole. This hole attracts birds by forcing them all to death. Grouped by three or more characters to remove them before it is too late. Try to connect them all to move to the next level.

  • angry birds space matching

    Angry Birds Space Matching

    Arrange three birds of the same type to remove them. Can form at least three pieces horizontally or vertically. Execute as fast moves, otherwise you will not have enough time. At each level you can unlock new birds from Angry Birds Space.

  • angry birds halloween

    Angry Birds Halloween

    Hard times the angry birds awaits them. Halloween has arrived and the birds should continue their struggle against egg thieves.Your mission in this version of the game is to demolish as many boxes, perhaps all, to go to another level.Stay focused and...

  • angry birds space mahjong

    Angry Birds Space Mahjong

    Try this simple game of mahjong with characters from Angry Birds. Remove each piece that is in a proper disposal area. Click on birds of the same type to remove them. The idea of the game is the same as the classic mahjong game.

  • angry birds connections

    Angry Birds Connections

    You have fifteen seconds available to form groups of three or more birds of the same character. Birds can be moved only vertically and horizontally. Try to eliminate required birds from the right menu. Remove several groups of birds and time will be increased...

  • angry birds pigs out

    Angry Birds Pigs Out

    A very fun game that puts your intelligence to the test. You have to cut and eliminate unwanted birds from landscape. Use the mouse to draw the place where you cut. Be careful to not remove the red bird. Use the mouse to draw the place where you want ...

  • angry birds puzzle

    Angry Birds Puzzle

    You have a circle that must fill him with the pieces of a picture with Angry Birds. Select with mouse the pieces, and place it in the correct position. After connecting all the pieces correctly, you move to another picture that captures a different image with birds.